Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

We have some vending events scheduled for the next few months - all of which are detailed on the graphic.  Also, all of our events are updated frequently on the Hemlock & Vine Facebook page, so please give us a follow to keep updated!

On another note, I just realized that I hadn't updated here on the website that I am no longer at White Buffalo in Anoka. Unfortunately, the owner there lost her lease, so I am now focused on my event vending at craft fairs and festivals for the summer.

However, I am still trying to find the perfect brick & mortar for Hemlock & Vine.

While I have visited a couple of potential spaces, none of them have met all my criteria.  Maybe I'm just picky, but my vision for Hemlock & Vine includes not only space for our crystals, books and other things that we sell, but also office space for readers and other modalities to rent and classroom spaces large enough to seat at least twenty people comfortably. And I really want enough free parking so it's not a challenge to be there.

In essence, I want a space that is welcoming and friendly to all, regardless of physical ability, and that is one of the main obstacles I have found with the spaces I've looked at. If I can't fit my products AND allow space for someone in a wheelchair to navigate through the shop comfortably, I simply don't want it. 

So if you know of a space for rent in the Northern or NE Twin Cities metro area that's got good visibility to traffic, somewhat walkable, with decent parking and also meets the ADA and my own criteria for accessibility, (that won't ask for the blood of my firstborn child in rent) let me know!   



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